TecHunt consultancy is also into outsourcing. But outsourcing here is a relationship-based service extended to the clients with whom the company enjoys regular interaction.

What Techunt can provide in outsourcing service:

• Screen advertisement
• Conduct interview
• Check references
• Background check
• Call a list of your candidate
• Outsource existing employees or anything exceptional

We can do all this for you and that also in mutually agreed rates.

Our pool of services also includes advertising on client’s behalf whereby; the turnkey assignment of releasing and processing the advertisement is undertaken by us. Screening and evaluation as a part of our extended service is also carried out by us.
Thus, facilitating TecHunt consultancy as a complete HR service source.

We as a part of the booming service industry ensures all the strain, pressure and hard work are sustained by us.

We work for benefit but there is one difference between our working i.e. – "we work for your benefit".

TecHunt is an experienced and fast growing staffing consultancy firm with
the sole objective of providing
innovative recruitment services in
various technologies across different domains of Information Technology